Plywood dinghy plans
A selection of our plywood small boat designs for amateur boatbuilders. The yellow trapeze skiff is my own
boat, the prototype of the Paper Jet design. I drew all of these boat designs except the Trika 540 trimaran,
which was designed by my German agent, Klaus Metz.

Every boat that I have ever owned has been plywood. My father built plywood boats when I was a child and I have been designing and building plywood boats since 1973. I won a major international boat design competition in 1979 with a plywood design. Since then I have become recognised as a world leader in plywood boat design. Our dinghy designs are mostly for stitch-&-glue construction but we also have more challenging lapstrake designs. All were drawn for amateur builders, proven by the hundreds of amateur boatbuilders who have built our boats in more than 80 countries.

Plywood component kits are available for many of these designs.

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